Redmi 6 Pro Screen – Mobile LCD With Touch Digitizer


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Redmi 6 Pro Screen – Mobile LCD With Touch Digitizer

Best quality display for your Redmi  6 Pro, fresh new display for your iPhone with 3 months warranty.

Display Info :

Display color : 1.Black  2.White ( the image uploaded is white but when you place order before we process order we will confirm you color of your previous display. ) 

Size : 5.84″

Fitting type :  99.25% uptight in fitting.

Weight : 100g ( tentative )

Frame Included : No

Warranty :

3 Month Warranty on Redmi 6 Pro screen, warranty does not certified whereas mobile or Redmi 6 Pro display undergo some visible physical damages.

          warranty is acceptable if screen got blank or touch pad stopped working, in another case for dots / marks on screen it will does not cover in warranty  as they are due to physical damages. also note to claim warranty you have to visit our address given in this website.

Brand : OEM Compatible To Redmi 6 Pro

this product is intact for your Redmi 6 Pro , please also note it does not fit for Redmi note 6 Pro. 

       this product is good in quality but its not original provided by Xiaomi company.

       take it easy brightness & touch sensitivity will be more than 92-93% upto to the mark as compare to original one & this is only difference in our OEM products and original product. 

Additional Info :

        This new Redmi  6 Pro screen has 18 to 22 Months of life according to our experience ( its subject to change if its fallen or got any physical damage ) please also note its doesn’t mean we are giving out warranty for 1 years or more, its just we share our general info.

Other names this screen

people call it by other distinct names such as

  • Redmi 6 Pro Folder
  • Redmi 6 Pro Combo
  • Redmi 6 Pro LCD with touch digitizer
  • Redmi 6 Pro display
  • Redmi 6 Pro Screen

these are the basically some famous title of this same product.

        if your previous phone has dots, lines, marks on screen so you also require to replace the whole part

Confirmation Details

Once you complete purchase from here we will notify you by WhatsApp or text message, or most of the time most probably you will get confirmation call from us

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Redmi 6 Pro screen guard

While you are being asked for your display order you can also ask us for screen guard which will cost you around 100 rupees.