iPhone 6S battery 1715 mAH

1,200.00 850.00



High Capacity Battery For iPhone 6S

Does your iPhone 6 battery drain fast within 1 or 2 hour then its time to replace your iPhone 6 battery, Best quality battery with 6S months warranty.

Battery Info :

Battery Type : Lion Polymer 

Battery Model : Compatible To iPhone 6S 

Charging Time : 1 hour

Battery Voltage :   Standard

Weight : N/A

6 Month Warranty :

6 Month Warranty on iPhone 6S Battery Battery. 

Warranty type: Send Courier To Seller. 

Compatible To iPhone 6S Battery

this product is intact for iPhone 6 for all variant such as 16gb/32gb, 

     please note this battery is not suitable for iPhone 6, if you require any other model for iPhone battery then you can contact us.

Additional Info :

        This new iPhone 6S battery has generally 1.5 to 2 years life, at its battery backup is upto one day on standard usage in case over usage of device or short time usage of device may vary backup, please dont plug charging whole night and also dont keep using mobile while charging. 

How To Guide

This iPhone 6S battery is very easy to install, not major technical skill required. In case you can not perform then Local mobile shop generally takes 50 or maximum 100 to replace, & it takes hardly 4-5 minutes.

Confirmation Details

Once you complete purchase from here we will notify you by WhatsApp or text message, or most of the time most probably you will get confirmation call from us

Payment Method

Please note once you complete purchase you have to pay minimum 100 rupees to process your order and rest amount 750 pay by COD ( cash on delivery ) or you can also pay full amount 850 in advance, for prepayment you will get 30 Rs Cashback which means you pay only 820.

Other iPhone Spare parts

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