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we repair all kind of smartphones related to mobile screen broken issue or mother board issue we provide online mobile repairing all across India 

Simple 3 steps to get online mobile repairing to fix your smartphone

  • Get Repair Quotation 
  • we arrange your smartphone pickup through our couriour partner
  • we fix your smartphone in our lab 
  • we will deliver your repaired smartphone 

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Mobile Screen Replacement

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Iphone X Screen Glass Replacement

  • Authorized Service Center Will Cost you 16000 for whole folder replacement but at krishna online store you will get it at only 5500

iPhone XS Screen Glass Replacement

  • Authorized Service Center Will Cost you 22000+ but at online mobile repairng of screen glass replacement will cost you very less

One Plus 5 Screen Replacement ( folder )

  • You Will Get 100% Original One plus 5 Folder Replacement at very discounted price for online mobile repairing