S9 plus screen replacement and only glass replacement

Does your fall on the floor then mobile screen is broken whereas mobile is functioning, such as arriving calls are active etc.

Estimate for S9+ only glass and folder replacement

Only glass = 7500 ( proceed request online here )
Folder = nearby 20000. ( don’t forget to read below other important details for S9 Screen or only glass replacement )

Know - you need glass only replacement or screen replacement?

We are uncovering a straightforward trick to become aware of what's need to change the only broken glass or the whole screen. Let's Pickup your phone lately you have to come in a white background. Example photo is given below, ( tip maximum display background should be white ) You will come up with one of these two scenarios - When glass only broken case - Promptly you can see if it's only scratched on glass and display is not damaged likewise your touchpad also working perfectly. It means you require only glass replacement as of touch and display are clear. When the screen is damage case - in other case display has big/small spots damage or some yellowish marks, or your touchpad is not working. It may also happen your screen is completely broken. It means you have to replace the whole screen

samsung s9 plus screen price

S9+ display/touch and glass:-

The S9 plus smartphone has divided glass whereas concern of touch and screen they both are combined. This means if your touchpad or display has some damages then you have to replace its whole part which comes with touch + screen + glass. And another case while your glass has been broken thereupon you can change its glass only. Now read below about Samsung service center and glass replacement.

Is it safe to use a Samsung S9 plus with a crack

The answer is yes it’s absolutely safe it won’t affect your mobile but it may because your personal image using a phone with a cracked screen or broken glass is not a good sign for gentlemen character.

S9 plus only glass replacement in service center

the samsung authorized service center propose to replace folder ( whole screen ) they do not provide service to replace the glass only since it’s involve’s high risk furthermore company does not obtain noble margin as compared to folder replacement, thus they will urge to change the folder which will expensive.
several people already aware hence they are interested to bear within an economical way to get rid out of it.

Authorized service center, Online services, or nearby local shops

What should we extract when we have to go for Samsung S9 plus screen or glass replacement, in case you are moving to replace only glass moreover online service provider like Krishna online store is the best option. In another situation, we recommend an authorized service center whereas your mobile screen is damaged due to the cost of replacing the screen outside it will be nearby or the same.

Samsung S9 plus display colour

few people go obscure when they overhear the word “display color” they imaginably think color shades of the screen might be changing though the truth is displayed color means side frame of the display, most probably it’s same as back panel color or some times its contrast with back panel. See the image below you will be clear about the display color.

What to check before you submit S9 +

Aforetime you hand over the device you should examine basic objects like
Camera front and back, to verify camera simply take a shot on both front and back camera, perform a call from your phone listen to an incoming voice ( speaker will be tested) altogether confirm on another phone your voice in this way mike will be tested, make a charging test, scan your mobile sensor, ensure your mobile touch screen.
Now, this can be tested when your only glass is broken in case your display has been damaged then you can not validate the whole gadget but still you can make an incoming call and other tests are depend on how critically your mobile display has been damaged.

Why S9 plus screen is so costly

The face value of S9 plus smartphone is itself high it’s one of the flagship phones by Samsung. so the attribute maintained in this smartphone’s display is also high thus the display turnout with high cost, even glass only replacement is little higher due to the risk of doing glass replacement is on service provider’s end which means in the process of glass replacement whenever screen gets damage then the service provider will be responsible to replace the whole screen that cost 5 times more than the glass cost. here you can visit to see s8 screen replacement cost

Does S9 plus data get swiped in repair

At our Krishna online store, we notify our customers that data of smartphone will remain same, so there is no need to backup while you are processing to replacement of glass or screen, although we are not responsible for your data, in case mobile has sensitive data thereupon you should secure the backup.

at the Samsung authorized service center data will be wiped after repair, they also inform you before you proceed to repair your Samsung S9 plus.

Do you need to share your password or pattern lock while S9 plus for service?

Many times people turn doubtful to share passwords before they tend to proceed with their smartphone for repair, we recommend over this case they should backup data and reset their phone beforehand they submit.

You can trust us even when your personal data is on your phone we do not overlook, we understand common men’s privacy.

S9 plus life after screen replacement

you might think is it worth repairing moreover invest the money in a broken phone? likewise, what will be the life of display/screen or mobile ahead it gets fixed, we advise you do not need to worry about it afterlife of repair, generally, new screen life is 4-5 years and glass only replacement life is 3 to 3.5 years.

What will be the cost for battery replacement for s9 plus

It will cost you nearby 3000 at our Krishna online store services, in case you choose to opted the service center then it might be cost you higher.

What will be the cost for back glass replacement for Samsung S9 plus

Backglass replacement of Samsung S9 plus will cost you around 2000, now maybe if you choose to replace from a service center it might cost you more money.

How much time required to fix S9 plus screen

In case you live within pcmc and Pune you can get your mobile fixed within 24 to 30 hour, we also provide pickup drop facility in case you live other areas than we provide pick up as well through our courier partner’s but will take the extra time it maybe takes up to 4 to 7 as per depending on your location.

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