Samsung A7 2018 display price & related info


Does your samsung A7 2018 smartphone fall on the floor then broken and now you are looking for to replace your screen and want to know the price of Samsung A7 2018 screen price

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Samsung A7 2018 screen specifications

Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

Size : 6.0 inches

Resolutions: 1080 x 2220 pixels

Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Manytimes samsung A7 2018 screen gets started to bleed


few times we have noticed due to physical damage screen started to spread blue – purple  color ink as mentioned in the image below

samsung a7 2018 screen price

Is it safe to use a Samsung A7 2018 with a crack or broken ?

in some cases user can operate its mobile while Samsung A7-2018 screen is damaged such as we shown in the above image then the question comes is it safe to use in this way ? The answer is yes it’s absolutely safe it won’t affect your mobile.
         but it may impact your personal image using a samsung smartphone with a cracked screen or broken glass is not a good sign. 

What to check before you submit Samsung A7 2018 for repair

        Aforementioned you hand over the device you should examine basic objects like Camera front and back, to verify camera simply take a shot on both front and back camera, perform a call from your phone listen to an incoming voice ( speaker will be tested) altogether confirm on another phone your voice in this way mike will be tested, make a charging test, scan your mobile sensor, ensure your mobile touch screen. you can also press from your samsung A7 2018*#0*# and follow the options to test your samsung mobile

        Now, this can be tested when your samsung A7 2018 is partly  broken in case your whole display has been damaged then you can not validate the all but still you can make an incoming call and other tests are depend on how critically your mobile display has been damaged. 

Few options you have to fix your Sasmung A7 2018  display

• authorized Sasmung service center you can visit nearby Samsung Service Center to fix your samsung A72018 screen.
• online mobile repairing service providers such us our service Krishna online store, we can arrange pick up of your damage Samsung A7 2018  within few days we will be able to return it as in new screen.
• nearby mobile phone repairing shop: for example, as you are staying in Pimpri Chinchwad or Pune you can visit our shop.
• doorstep mobile repair: now as above mentioned if you staying in pimpri Chinchwad or Pune you can place an order for doorstep Samsung A7 2018 screen  replacement service or in case you live another area in India you can search on google which companies are providing doorstep repair in your area. These kinds of services are only available in cities.
• do it yourself: we do not recommend this option to common people if you have some experience in the mobile repair industry then only you should choose this option for this you need to buy Samsung A7 2018 new screen and phone repair kit tools.

time required to fix Samsung A7 2018  screen?

In case you live within pcmc and Pune you can get your samsung A7 2018 mobile fixed within 24 to 30 hour, we also provide pickup drop facility in case you live other areas than we provide pick up as well through our courier partner’s but will take the extra time it maybe takes up to 4 to 7 as per depending on your location.

Does Samsung A7 2018  data get lose while repair

when you going to fix your Samsung A7 2018  screen your data should remain the same but many service centers will suggest you that data will be swiped, but at our Krishna online store while repair for your vivo smartphones screen your data will remain same.

can we exchange broken A7 2018 samsung smartphone

      Most probably No. online mobile sellers such as Amazon and Flipkart do not provide services to exchange your crack phone screen.

       but at krishna online store we offer you to sell your broken smasung smartphone for cash, but unfortunately you only can get price nearby 1200-1500 when you sell. 

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