vivo y93 display price

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S9 Screen replacement

S9 plus screen replacement and only glass replacement Does your fall on the floor then mobile screen is broken whereas mobile is functioning, such as arriving calls are active etc. Estimate for S9+ only glass and folder replacement Only glass = 7500 ( proceed request online here )Folder = nearby 20000. ( don’t forget to … Read more

mobile mother board

What is mobile mother board and where we can buy when we exclude mobile screen and its some spare parts such as camera, battery,  ringer, speaker, mike an several workable part of mobile then the remaining part will be its mother board, o buy mother board you have 3 options which we have mentioned below … Read more

yaantra reviews for mobile repair

Yaantra Reviews For Mobile Repair Services 1.5 out of 5 All postive yaantra Reviews From Google My Business Local pack are unreal did you looking for mobile repairing in few famous cities in India and found the yaantra repair service provider for your mobile screen replacement then be aware the reviews are seeing on google … Read more

S8 Screen Replacement

S8 Screen Replacement and glass replacement hey whatsup people in this article we gonna learn about Samsung galaxy s8 screen Replacement , If you are a Samsung s8 user and your phone screen is broken, then you have come to the right place . Today, we will talk on this article about how we can … Read more