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getting Smartphone in lockdown is not easy

Is It Possible to have smartphone in COVID-19 lockdown

Now enclosed by this situation it turns hard to buy a new smartphone. let’s discover what scopes we undergo to buy a new smartphone. The lockdown period is declared to reopen on 15 April yet there are several assumptions s which estimate extension, although it’s not officially confirmed by the government. ( already in Maharashtra and many other states its declared extension till 1 May. )

buy phone during lockdown

Nearby mobile shops and showroom:

Due to Coronavirus buying phone from shop is critical

mere essential services and shops are open in this lockdown such as general stores, medical shops, fruit and vegetable shops, banks, petrol pumps, etc, however, some people claim that mobile is identically basic need it should be active, likewise Kerala government has approved to open  mobile phone business-related shops and services on Sunday. Whereas you are resident in other cities or state or town it comes to be stressful buying new smartphone in covid-19 situation.

mobile shop near me open now

Online sellers

Buying smartphone Online also gets strict

the giant player’s Amazon mobile likewise Flipkart mobiles prohibited selling new smartphones to buy online delivery unlike they run their business on regular basis, even small sellers ShopClues , Snapdeal, Poorvika are likewise not running their services, particular online grocery sellers are allowed to work for delivery. Hence your option to buy online smartphones in lockdown is failed.

Promptly there is no possibilities left for common people to buy a new smartphone in coronavirus lockdown, although they can use the old spare phone, or they can request nearby mobile phone dealer to help them.

mobile shop open in lockdown

Our take on Buying new smartphone

Our certain tips to buy a smartphone: we recommend merely those people to undertake our given tips who are in essential services such as doctor, grocery shop owner, government active workers etc.


one can attempt to buy mobile on Olx

you could check out Olx mobiles to acquire pre-owned smartphones, this shutdown period numerous guys bear through financial mess hence possible you can grab an upright deal on Olx moreover it will be a win-win situation for both parties.

Reach out your friends and relatives

A friend in need is friend in deed.

You can appeal to your friends and relative to co-operative with you while you are serving the people, they might possess a spare phone at their place then certainly they can provide a phone to use for it till the market gets open.

Repair your old phones

You may can try to repair your previous phone

presently you are going over to buy a new mobile which indicates the earlier phone is suffering a certain issue you maybe try out nearby mobile repair during lockdown technicians in your city.

The price of phones in lockdown

Goverment had increased tax on phones

In recent times government forced double tax on smartphones, you could get the handset on a higher price than the regular price, the earlier tax slab for smartphones was 6% which increased moreover the current tax on smartphones is 12%. Besides, there is also a chance owing to lock down seller could probe a little higher.

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