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The common reason of mobile screen brokerage – most probably mobile broke due to falling on the ground and you know it’s not the first time you made this mistake many times, we mean phone screen dies not to get crack when it falls the first time, its falls number of times its lost immunity then at one point of time it fall and gets cracked.

Test first your phone screen is break or just its glass




how to examine its only crack in mobile screen glass or it damaged the phone’s display, we will give you simple advice to check your mobile is display cracked or glass cracked, in this way you can save up to 75% on your crack in phone screen cost because only glass replacement cost very less compared to display replacement.
Pick up your phone then come in the white background of your mobile, an example is given below ( tip maximum background of the screen should be white


broken phone screen



Now you will come up with these options


When glass only broken case – Promptly you can see if it’s only scratched on glass and display is not damaged likewise your touchpad also working perfectly. This means you require only glass replacement as of touch and display are working.

Now the screen damage case – in other case display has big/small spots damage or some yellowish marks, or your touch pad is not working. It may also happen your screen is completely broken. It means you have to replace the whole screen


Is it possible to fix damages by some glue or paste


When you search the internet you will see dome videos and a few posts that suggest you how you can clear the screen broken by toothpaste or some type of glue. Which are absolutely rubbish things with the only interest to an internet user should visit their site or channel and waste some time? Their is BIG NO-NO to hide or fix a crack in phone screen by these methods. although some article on internet are little useful such as MOU

Is broken phone screens will be covered in the warranty



Your phone got cracked and it’s still in warranty does your mobile company will provide you cracked phone screen warranty ? the answer is no. Mobile companies do not provide warranty for cracked phone screens even when your phone screen got completely blank they will be not responsible for this.

Broken phone screen guard


incase your phone is slightly glass broken from the corner of your mobile and you don’t want to invest money in repair even you don’t have time to get it to repair then you can simply buy a screen guard for your smartphone then it won’t harm your finger while you using crack phone screen mobile.

Is it safe to use a phone with a scratches on glass


The answer is yes it’s absolutely safe it won’t affect your mobile but it may because your personal image using a phone with a cracked screen or broken glass is not a good sign for gentlemen character.

The 5 option you have to fix broken In Phone Screen


authorized service center of the respective company, we mean if you have Samsung then you can visit Samsung service center near you similarly for other brands such as iPhone, one plus, Xiaomi the respective service center of your mobile.
online mobile repairing service providers such us our service Krishna online store, we can arrange pick up of your cracked phone screen mobile within few days we will be able to return it as in new screen.
nearby mobile phone repairing shop: for example, as you are staying in Pimpri Chinchwad or Pune you can visit our shop, in case you live in other areas in India you can look around some reputed mobile repair shops/technicians.
doorstep mobile repair: now as above mentioned if you staying in pimpri Chinchwad or Pune you can place an order for doorstep cracked screen replacement service or in case you live another area in India you can search on google which companies are providing doorstep repair in your area. These kinds of services are only available in cities.
do it yourself: we do not recommend this option to common people if you have some experience in the mobile repair industry then only you should choose this option for this you need to buy phone screen and phone repair kit tools.

What will be cos of repair broken smartphone’s


its depend on the channel you choose yo repair your crack phone and its also depend on your model and company but usually we saw it cost little higher when we process to repair our cracked phone, in case we choose service center option your 1/4 salary of months will be invested.

Does your data get lose while you fix damaged mobile


when you going to fix your cracked phone screen your data should remain the same but many service centers will suggest you that data will be swiped, but at our Krishna online store while repair for your crack in phone screen your data will remain same.

How to get only data when our phone is broken


in case you don’t wish to repair your mobile because you think it’s quite old and you don’t want to invest money to fix its crack in the screen, then is it possible to get data such as files, contacts, photos, etc,. Its depend on your phone’ crack if it’s minor or let assume if it’s major but you are able to connect it with pc or laptop then you can get data of your phone in another case when your phone is complete crack and you are unable to operate then its less chance to recover its data.

What will be the life of its after repair


When you replace the new screen to your phone what will be the life of your mobile after a repair, actually it totally depends on your mobile brand and channels you choose to repair your mobile.

can we exchange broken mobile for new mobile


Most probably No. online mobile sellers such as Amazon and Flipkart do not provide services to exchange your crack phone screen. We also buy crack phone’s or You can still try to sell nearby second-hand mobile dealers.

How to hide the crack in phone screen


unfortunately no country in this world yet not so developed to hide your crack in phone screen but if it’s very small then you can buy screen guard or if its minor spots on the screen then you may be trying to apply dark theme in your crack phone screen to hide spots and cracks.

broken phone lock screen

when you proceed to repair your cracked mobile then you have to share your password in case it’s not operative then you have to share it. In case it’s in number then provide a number or if its pattern then you can send a drawing of your pattern code when we replace the new mobile screen then we need to check its touchpad.

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