tips to buy sell old mobile

101 Tips To Sell/buy used smartphones in pune, mumbai, ahmedabad

Few Times We Look To Buy Or Needs At Some Point, To Sell Used Smartphone, Check This List:-

1. Samsung, iPhone, Mi phones have good resell value.
2. ‎brands like Nokia, Htc, Sony, blackberry, similar do not give us good resell value.
3. ‎when you plan to sell you recently bought the phone for example only 20 or fewer days used,
you may get minimum 30% off on its purchase price.
4. ‎remove your accounts and reset the device before selling your mobile
5. ‎if you plan to sell the device on Olx, check device resell value in the market then post it 10% or 15% higher price.
6. ‎ if you have all accessories with your mobile such as original mobile charger, box, invoice you will get good resell price.
7. ‎the more you wait to sell device the more its resell price will drop
8. ‎remove used mobiles screen guard or covers while a time of selling if they are dusted, so mobile can look cool
9. ‎even if your mobile has minor issues like sound volume low etc you can sell it for cash
10. ‎some devices don’t have resold value at all this means zero such as 2g phones or any other chines brand keypad phones.
11. ‎old branded Nokia keypad phone for example 1100 or Samsung guru keypad phones have very low resell value such as 200 or 300
12. ‎When you trying to sell a used phone in exchange offers, often you cant find the exact value of your phone it may be higher or lower than actual value while you exchange
13. ‎to check your IMEI no is written correctly on your invoice dial *#06# on your phone and check it on the invoice
14. ‎ while you buying used phones check phones all screw is available in a body so you can be assured phone is not repaired
15. ‎to check battery working fine or not you can restart device several times if battery percentage jump higher or
16. ‎lower this means the battery has a fault or call somewhere and check if battery percentage comes down very fast within 2-3 minute call this means the battery has a fault.
17. ‎or you can check bettry by handling it in your hand if battery is not flat ( instead bettry is fat ) this means bettry have some fault.
18. ‎if your mobile screen glass is broken even if its touch and display is working fine it resell value will be down.
19. ‎some Samsung smartphones such as A5 and similar range mobiles have zero resell value if their touch or display is broken
20. ‎ many times iPhone mobile owner prefer to sell their device because they don’t want to use copy display
21. ‎second-hand mobile have mostly four type of condition
below average
22. remove I cloud id before selling or buying used iPhone
23. ‎specailly check while selling or buying used iPhone if its ” find my phone ” app is off. if it’s remained on then it has chance iPhone will be a toy. you just can’t break the password.
24. ‎i ball, intex and other similar brands do not get accessories such as body, battery so its suggested do not buy these brand in reselling if they have some fault.
25. ‎if phone brightness and display color is inproper it means its display has been replaced.
26. ‎to find differences in copy and original smartphones, try to check copy handset by handset feel while you use a camera or touch paid operating system, original high range smartphones give us good experience while using it touch.
27. one plus, Samsung, iPhones have good demand in the second-hand mobile market.
28. ‎many shopkeepers have inquiry for second-hand mobiles.
29. ‎in selected cities company provide services to sell used smartphone online in India, rest areas they have to sell mobile on their own.
30. ‎if anyone wants to a part-time business in used phones then that is a good idea, for every deal, he can get minimum 500
31. ‎you only should check following things while buying a used phone, firstly check its camera front and back
32. ‎ second thing check its display and touch paid working fine by going in somewhere in mobile on white screen check its screen and for touchscreen touch, all keywords qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm ., space and also check upper side touch paid
33. ‎ insert sim and make a call and check speaker, mike ( incoming voice / outgoing voice )
34. ‎charging and battery
35. ‎

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