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Best iPhone repair in Pune

find the details for iPhone 6s screen replacement cost in Pune & many more details for iPhone screen replacement 

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Online mobile repair pune

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Samsung Glass Screen Replacement

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  • your mobile data when mobile in repair
  • original vs copy vs gray market original display
  • Hardware Vs Software Problem
  • Life Span Of Mobile 
  • Guarantee Of Spare Parts
  • Touch Vs Glass Vs Scree And Folder
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Your mobile data whereas its during repair work:-

Meanwhile you opted your mobile in our mbile repair shop toward repair you might be urged to be aware of the data in your mobile will be wiped off or else data will remain the same, the most prob’ly 99% are the chances of your mobile data will remain steady ( un-changed – so here you don’t need to take backup while you plan to replace its screen )however here are two adversaries for your mobile data may be wiped
• just in case software issue
• mobile is diagnosis through major operation of chip-level undertaking, it may have chances of getting dead eventually you may loss the data, please also note down here we give on site phone repair service in Pune .

Although in day to day broadly mobile repairing cases to be more specific replacing mobile screen or replacement of charging socket in these common cases you will not loss your mobile data , still whether you want to take data of your mobile you can back it up here on this link

urgent mobile repair near me

Original display vs copy display vs gray market original :-

best mobile repair shop near me
Original display :- 

 original display are as similar as we buy new mobile made by authorized manufacturer of the brand usually original display has 2.5 – 3 year life span ( it may vary from company to company )

Copy Screen ( all major brand iPhone, Samsung, One Plus, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Real Me ) :- 

Copy screen :- such mobile screen you may have listen from mobile market in Pune as

“market og”
“99% og”
“first copy”
these have 3 types of standards in quality,
1st Grade Copy | 2nd Grade Copy | 3rd Grade Copy

{ see image people also say this }
the main variation over copy and original screen will be enclosed by brightness ( first grade is good in brightness and fitting )

1st-grade copy:- ( we use this in mobile repairing )

this would extend good quality of brightness plus throughout fitting its also 99.00% uptightly, you can trust the quality of 1st grade copy display
( 90% brightness is same, user can not sense easily the difference, only professional people can understand the difference as it is original or copy ) ( at Krishna online store mobile repair services we provide only 1st grade quality or gray market original )
Usually its life span is 1.5 to 2 years

2nd grade copy :-

this is a little cheaper compared to 1st grade ( just 13-15% Blow prices ) then bit uneasy in fitting ( 65-70% brightness is same as original display and 92% uptightly fitting )
life span of 2nd grade copy display is 9 to 14 months

3rd grade copy ( Not Available In Our Mobile Service Centers )

this is inferior in quality mostly local mobile shops at every corner will place this display to their customers, we do not suggest if you are in hurry and searching for urgent mobile repair near me and fix this from your local area shop we advise to wait and fix from us or from any reliable source 1st grade copy display

it will give 65-70% brightness as compared to original and 90% in uptightly fitting )
life span of 3rd grade copy display is 6 to 9 months

whereas 1st quality maintain just 9-10% difference ( usually a professional can understand the contrast, but a normal mobile user may not absorb the difference though when he carefully examine he can feel the makeover )

2nd and 3rd grade have major visible brightness difference upto 20% and more, all these 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade copy display are made by third party out side authorized company manufacturer.

Gray Market Original: ( many time we use in iPhone Mobiles repairing )

Gray market original display are as good as original, are just like original the truth is these are originals except these are not first handed in value, in few way these can be inherited:
*these are subtracted from dead or little time used phones, for example authorized service center replaced mother board and the folder ( screen ) will be managed in gray market original to make extra profit.
*originals screens with replaced glass only
example: a customer replaced its screen ( folder ) in service center though the previous screen was normal solitary glass was broken ( service center’s do not provide glass replacement they change folder ) hence service center make arrangements to sell broken glass display to agents thereafter agent replace the glass of the screen after from there on agents can sell the screen in market
*from refurbished phones : for example samsung s8 value in refurbished is 16000-18000 likewise similar the value of screen thus these could have been taken from refurbished mobiles and they can make use of its mother board  ( mother board will be sold for 10000-11000 and display might be 9000-10000 )
* handsets sold on Finance & Recovered due to non repayment by customers they further block the handset imei and use of their spare parts and screen in gray market original spare parts.

In other words these are original but have some jugaad ( it doesn’t mean these will come easily in cheap price these are usually 40% lower price than original ), its good option when you broken phone screen of your handset.

in our iPhone screen replacement cases we prefer to replace these types of screens.

In our mobile repair services we prefer to fix gray market original or the first grade quality in copy display we dont select 2nd or 3rd quality in mobile screen replace if in case the first quality copy display are un available we suggest our customers to wait or go with original and the gray market original

Mobile life span of various company :

Does your mobile experiencing issue among charging socket or bettary life has come to down, formerly its depend on your mobile company ( manufacturer ) , however screen related issue are mostly heppen due to handset drop/lapse on floor or ground.
The average life span of these company
< I can make table here >
Iphone 3-4 years
Samsung 2.5-3 years
Mi 1.5 – 2 years
One plus 2-3 years
Oppo 1.5 – 2 years
Vivo 1.5 – 2 years
Motorola / lenovo 1.5 – 2 years
Micromax 1 – 1.5 years
Techno 1 – 1.5 years
Real me 1.5 – 2 years
Huawei 2-3 years
Infinix 1 – 1.5 years
HTC 2 -3 years
Coolpad 1 – 1.5 years
Google Nexus – 2.5 – 3 years

Hardware problem vs software problem :

You may be overhear resourse mention a problem as software otherwise hardware,
Basically software issue symptoms are :
• handset blocked-up on company logo { image and mentioned that its postponed here }
• handset restarts Automatically
• frequently pop up random notification such as unfortunately android has been stopped { image and describe in within every 15 minutes this notification pops up }
• not often handset get dead in software issue
• handset netted pattern locked likewise forget en lets say its also software issue. { image describe we forgot pattern }

hardware issues are relevant with replacing spare parts of mobile such as power ic, reboot ic, display light ic, mother board component, screen, charging socket, Camera module, or having dispute between its mother board.

Best Mobile Repair Shop In Pune

Mobile screen vs touch screen vs folder in mobiles repairing :-

At times the touch is working fine beside display is broken { insert image here } let alone wise versa in the same way touch and display are working fine but screen glass is scratch. { insert image here } And the combination of all three is said to be folder
Display + glass + touch paid = folder. { insert image here } In authorized service center you will get forced to replace folder, the assumed cost 40%-60% of mobile value, { insert image here that i am broken display and service center is suggesting me to change display of worth rupees 4000 } however we can fix your mobile glass separately, similarly screen and touch paid separately , then again every model and company is different in aspect to get its folder, touch screen, and glass separately.
For example
iPhone 6 and its big brother iPhone 7 comes with glass separately and comes with folder as well.
Samsung A series models dont arrive with glass, screen and touch separately its comes only added to Folder.
To come by knowledge at once we can say
65% models ( all company included ) comes with touch pad, glass and screen singly ( separately ) Although their are still 35% of models which comes with only folder.


mobile repair shop near me


gurantee of spare parts by krishna online store while onsite phone repair :-

Whereas you change your mobile screen or its diffrent spare parts from us we insure you all mobile spare parts adapted in mobile repiaring are good quality yet with reasonable price,

the gurantee and warranty of all mobile spare parts is vary from model to model, though at the time you get repair estimate from us we are likely to notify you mobile spare part warranty related info.

mobile repairing pimpri chinchwad
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near Vijaylaxmi prestige, opp Shevanta rasvanti, Gabaji Thopate marg, Rahatani, Pimpri-Chinchwaad 411017.( please note take confirmation on our contact number through call / whatsapp / text message, before you visit our address because many times we are on our online work for mobile repair services or may be we are at our workshop in pimpri.Address On Google Maps